Entering the Dark Woods Adventure Park property indicates your acceptance of all Dark Woods conditions, which include, but are not limited to:

  • WEATHER – In the unlikely event that the weather forces Dark Woods to close after you have entered and paid to mine and are unable to continue, you may return at a later time to continue. All purchased mining rough is yours to keep. All patrons acknowledge and accept that there are NO REFUNDS!
  • Your picture or video may be taken. By entering Dark Woods Adventure Park, attractions or other areas you agree to our use of your image. If you are a celebrity, in the witness protection program, or are hiding from the law, we apologize in advance.
  • All patrons acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted our terms, policies, and disclaimers. We reserve the right to amend such as the need arises, and without prior notice.
  • You will not be admitted or may be asked to leave the property without refund if rules are not followed.
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