Legends of Buried Treasure

Did you know Natchitoches is home to several real buried treasure legends? What is the "Lost Treasure"?

100' Authentic Wooden Sluice

Step back in time. Mine for gemstones and fossils at our giant wooden sluice with 24' water tower!

Friendly Treasure Guides

Every expedition needs a guide! Lost Treasure guides are here to assist with your mining experience!

Exploring the Mine

Step into an early 1930s style treasure hunters camp at the Lost Treasure Mining Company at Dark Woods Adventure Park. A nearly 100 foot rustic, hand-built wooden running water mining sluice that pays homage to and is reminiscent of an Indiana Jones era base camp and excavation, was opened in summer 2020.

As you experience this authentic “adventurers” camp, you can pan for genuine gemstones, minerals, fossils and even arrowheads, enjoy the lush outdoor setting, and talk with our friendly treasure expedition guides as they assist you in the hunt. Our authentic sluice has levels to accommodate every age group, no matter the size!

Entertainment is in the 1930s style, too. Enjoy top 100 popular and jazz hits of the early pre-WW2 America. You might even catch yourself singing along with a few old-time favorites!

Rediscover the fun of a low-tech, unplugged, family-centered outdoor adventure that embodies the classic old time explorers, adventurers and treasure hunters of the early 20th century at Dark Woods’ Lost Treasure Mining Company!


Things To Know

April -
December 25

Wednesday - Sunday








The crystal experience was incredible. Had so much fun. The cast members were all very nice, and I enjoyed every second of my time there.

– Alex N.

Had a blast here!! The staff was amazing and friendly. Can’t wait to visit again! Don’t forget to try the vanilla donuts with powdered sugar melts in your mouth!

– Jammie C.

We had such an amazing time, the staff were super friendly and made us feel right at home. [It] was an awesome adventure for everyone involved. Best way to celebrate my littles ones adventure bday. Keep it up guys, you are giving us something to do when we need it most.

– Jessica C.

The folks here are incredibly nice! They took the time to explain everything to my kiddos and came around to see how we were doing through out our stay. I love the cute, campy outdoor environment, the snack shack is awesome. Everything is just awesome.

– Stacey

Finding Treasure Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

  1. Check in at the Lost Treasure Mining Company Supply Depot for “mining rough” enriched with real gemstones or fossils and pick up your gear!
  2. Head over to the sluice (that’s the long water trough) and pour part of the mining rough from the bag into the screen bottom box (your pan).
  3. Dip the pan in the water, shake and watch the TREASURE appear as the soil washes away!

Dark Woods’ Black Cat Café Has Famous Natchitoches Meat Pies

The Black Cat Café is currently undergoing construction. The future menu offers a variety of delicious snacks, including hot Natchitoches Meat Pies and our famous Dark Woods Mini-Donuts. In the meantime, visit Molly Moo’s Soft Serve & Sweets for refreshments!

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